FX Consultants

Our People

FX Consultants doesn’t have a lot of employees. More like a “posse” – talented people we work with to create new possibilities for people and organisations.

Stewart Forsyth A registered psychologist, a coach, an advisor to fast-growing businesses. Stewart helps organisations achieve superior performance through the best mix of recruitment and retention, performance management, people development and career pathing. Contact Stewart on 021 392 667 (+6421 392 667). Stewart Forsyth CV 2016
Dr Andrea Polzer Andrea facilitates people development to build organisational success by aligning the activities of your organisation, your teams and individual staff members. For more information on Dr Andrea, click here.
Elizabeth Howells Elizabeth is a business psychologist with a driving interest in what makes individuals, teams and business ‘tick’. As founding director of PeopleCentric Elizabeth has worked with clients from small start-up to large private and public sector corporations. She has designed, developed and delivered human resource strategy, assessment, coaching, training, performance management and organisational development initiatives.
Holly Dixon Holly supports the Active Mindfulness initiative. She is researching ways individuals can strengthen their internal psychological resources in order to adapt well to life’s challenges.
Kerry Kirton Kerry is the founder of Influence Consulting and coaches face-to-face communication skills, including influencing, presenting, business development and pitching. He works with a range of organisations, including major companies, professional service firms and government entities.
Moira Howson Moira has a passion for people development and a wealth of experience coaching individuals and guiding businesses to support the growth of their people.
Murray McLachlan Murray is a career coach, executive coach, change management and outplacement specialist. For more information on Murray, Click here.
Dr Paul Wood Paul is the founder and director of Switch Coaching & Consulting. Paul has extensive leadership and consulting experience across Private and Public Sectors, and is a trained and accredited professional coach. He strongly believes in the value of personal choice and accountability, and is comfortable asking the tough questions and addressing core issues.
Sam Farmer Sam has a leadership role in the development of both coaching and humanitarian psychologies in New Zealand. For more information on Sam, click here.

FXC Summer Student

Some years FX Consultants provides the FXC Summer Student Programme. We pay a grad (or near-grad) to work on real projects (often provided as a free service to clients). Here’s the details – deadline for registering your interest is the end of November (2015). If you have a summer project you’d like us to undertake (the student gets close supervision and you get a quality outcome) – drop us a line at stewart@fxc.co.nz.

Kat Le Sueur a learning portal for University of Auckland staff looking for career development resources; an assessment of stress and wellness of managers at ISS; a review of the best way to provide Stratos’ EAP “consumers” with access to their best local counsellor.
Penni Wolfgramm The competency definitions for ViFX’s on-line performance management system.
Kit Peebles position descriptions for Reid & Twiname. For more information, click here.
Jovana Marovic an onboarding guide for Downer EDi’s electrical apprentices, then a tool enabling accurate evaluation of lecturers at the AUT School of Management. For more information, click here.